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You need help or want to get more information on our eAcademy? Have a look on our frequently asked questions!
If we cannot help you with these answers, please contact us here.


The ASK eAcademy is the online learning platform from Schwarzkopf Professional. With the ASK eAcademy, we want to connect and empower the global hairdressing community with the most personalised and engaging digital learning experience. Our free online platform provides creative on-demand tutorials, audio-visual presentations, and interactive blended learning experiences.

We believe that education should be a learner-centred experience, and so we bring inspiring and motivating courses to enrich your hairdressing knowledge. We have the tools, the experiences, and the professionals to focus on technical, inspirational and expertise training that will help you enhance your hairdressing skills and ultimately improve your prospects.

Our platform is accessible in a lot of countries. Feel free to check out if your country is one of them:

Please check out our Help & Support page for further assistance:

Once you are logged in, you can delete your account at any time in your user profile. Please be aware that once you delete your account on eAcademy, you delete it for the whole Schwarzkopf Professional Ecosystem.

You can reset your password anytime by going to the login page of your eAcademy:


Yes, you can enrol for as many courses as you like.

Once you log in to your account, you can see a dedicated place called “My Learning” where you can see the courses and Learning paths you have enrolled on and your status.

As long as you have an account on the eAcademy, you can view all the courses anytime and anywhere, unless these are scheduled trainings.

You can watch the videos an endless number of times, around the clock and learn in your own time. The duration depends on the type of the course. However, in general, a course takes 5-10 mins.

If you do not pass a test, you can go through the course again to brush up on your knowledge and then give a retest.

We constantly keep a track of your learning journey. If you do not wish to complete the course at once, then the course will resume from where you stopped last.

You will receive a badge and a certificate after completing the test to finish the learning path.

We understand the importance of practising what you have learned theoretically and that is why we give you a chance to participate in our blended or physical training. Live events take place at selected locations in salons and the ASK academy.


Of course, yes! We intend to create a unique experience with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide you to personalised recommendations and relevant content because we all have different reasons to learn. 

Most of our content is available for free and we provide you with highly informative content to enhance your knowledge without any charge. You also get the chance to attend an optional paid online or offline seminar to further your learning.

A course is an individual microlearning module that contains high quality and self-paced learning content.

A learning path is a pre-set group of courses designed to achieve a new ability (Skill, Knowledge). You must complete all the courses and possibly a test to gain a badge or a certificate that claims the achievement of the new ability. In the future, an educator could also approve of this new aptitude.

Our courses are for all experience levels, which includes beginners as well as experienced learners. All the courses which require some sort of prior education will contain prerequisite courses to build on your hairdressing foundation.

You will learn progressively through our interactive modules. Our courses proactively engage you to put new knowledge into practice and to assess your progress with the tests. Our instructor-led courses guide you and inspire you through hands-on sessions.